to trisophon, the innovative glazing system with revolutionary features.

trisophon is an isophon product. isophon is a leading glazing system manufacturer located in central Germany .     

trisophon is the patented, modularly extendable and multifunctional glazing system for nearly any application.

trisophon has extreme insulation characteristics (down to Ug = 0,3)
trisophon is lightweight (e.g. 40 kg/m², P8B, 3-layer)
trisophon is thin (e.g. 36 mm, P8B, 3-layer)
trisophon is extremely safe (e.g. P8B, BR7)
trisophon is soundproof (Rwp 52 dB, Ug 0,7)
trisophon is durable
trisophon is available in large panel formats
trisophon absorbs laser beams
trisophon can be used as roof
trisophon is color neutral (Ra 98, P8B)
trisophon absorbs UV radiation
trisophon can be used as heating system
trisophon is available as illuminated advertisement system
trisophon can be configured in terms of exact translucency
and trisophon can do much more for you.........................

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